Launch Of New Omega-3 Supplement For Dogs


You thought Mandarin was difficult - until you got a dog! What is it with their maddening failure to enunciate - they may as well be speaking Welsh! So how do you know what they need? Call JP's Natural Pet Supplements (079 6179 0249)!

As any dog owner knows, dogs are people too - just far better! So you want to treat them right - with the love, care, and attention they deserve.

New Omega-3 Supplement for dogs

JP's Natural Pet Supplements, led by veterinary surgeon Dr Paul Boland and animal behaviourist, Justine Shone, has introduced a new line of holistic natural dog supplements, featuring Doggie Omega 3. This additive contains elevated levels of long-chain EPA and DHA fatty acids - dietary fats believed to carry an array of health benefits and play a role in anti-inflammatory processes and skin conditioning.

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The company's new product, a marine lipid concentrate, derives from anchovies and is uncontaminated by heavy metals. Omega 3 fatty acids may play an important role in the healthy functioning of the brain, heart, joints, skin and coat.


Omega-3 for dogs

Market for pet supplements is growing

The market for pet supplements in the UK is growing at approximately 7% annually, at a higher rate than the global average, a trend expected to continue for many years. While the pandemic witnessed a spike in dog and cat ownership, it also renewed interest in holistic nutraceuticals and chemical-free products for both humans and their pets. Furthermore, the skin and coat segment of the market is expected to report the highest growth of all pet care categories. In the U.S., millennials - whose preference for nature-based products is the highest among all the generational categories - are the top pet owners today, increasing long-term market demand for holistic pet supplements.

Benefits of Omega-3 

JP's Natural Pet Supplements Doggie Omega 3 may provide additional benefits for your dog. Studies indicate that DHA facilitates both brain and eye development in puppies and may slow cognitive decline in older dogs. Furthermore, research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help to treat both kidney disease and canine rheumatoid arthritis - an especially common disease for all dogs, which can manifest itself in yonder adults - as early as one year old.

The problem is, once again, the language barrier. Plus, your dog may prefer to keep a stiff upper lip at all times and not mention the obvious things - like, hey, my coat is a bit matted and uncomfortable and oh, by the way, I have a slight limp.

Natural dog supplements

The company’s range of natural dog supplements includes ear cleaners, toothpaste, probiotics, calming edibles, and two additional joint relief products, from green-lipped mussels and Boswellia/turmeric. JP Holistic Nutrition also offers products for cats, birds, rabbits and livestock - and their human counterparts.


One customer commented about Doggie Omega 3: “Great Supplement - I bought this to find a solution to my dogs scratching and ear infections..really pleased with it, even in this short space of time she's scatching a little bit less, fingers crossed, she continues to improve, plus she loves the taste and gets really excited when she sees the bottle.”

Your pup has somewhere between 8-12 years on earth, give or take. Some retain a spring in their step through 15, others falter munch younger. Plus, a lot of napping is necessary. There's really so little time to learn Human, so it's on you to do your best!



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