100% Holistic Natural Dog Supplements UK | Vet Approved

Does your Dog suffer from a chronic disease such as the following?

 🐶 Arthritis

🐶 Joint disease

🐶 Skin problems

🐶 Diarrhoea

🐶 Senile changes

🐶 Dental problems

🐶 Ear infections

🐶 Behavioural problems

🐶 Liver disease


 ✅ If so, then you have come to the right place because Veterinary Surgeon Dr Paul Boland and dog behaviourist Justine Shone have formulated our own range of Natural Dog Supplements. JP's Natural Pet Supplements customers are saving money and seeing massive health benefits to their pets by using our Natural Dog Supplements. 


 ✅No need for expensive prescription drugs that can have side effects.


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Check our cheap, effective and safe Natural Dog Supplements Below. 


We look forward to hearing from you,

Paul & Justine 


JP's Natural Pet Supplements has formulated our own range of Vet approved natural dog supplements and we are the UK's leading dog supplement specialists. Our range of premium quality natural supplements for dogs helps to ensure your dog has the best care possible. The dynamic duo behind JP's Natural Pet Supplements is Veterinary Surgeon Dr Paul Boland and dog trainer and behaviourist Justine Shone. Together Paul and Justine have formulated a range of the best natural supplement products for dogs.

Your dogs are part of your family. We are here to make sure they live a happier life and enjoy better health with our holistic natural dog supplements and support for positive behaviours. Our range includes our Holistic Doggie Fibre, Omega, Joint with Boswellia, Joint with green-lipped mussel, Probiotic paste, Ear cleaner, Toothpaste, Liver with Milk thistle, Neuro care for old dogs with dementia, Bentonite clay and calming supplements. 

Why wait for something to go wrong with your pet’s health, and end up with costly veterinary bills? Starting your dog on our daily health supplements such as our Doggie Fibre which contains probiotics, prebiotics and bentonite clay for your dog’s gut microbiome will benefit your dog’s well-being in the future.

We believe that nature has the answers to the health and well-being problems that we and our dogs face. That is why you will not find any artificial products, added chemicals, or preservatives in any of our products.
This expansive range takes care of everything from their gut, joints and nerves to their ears, teeth and coat. Natural dog supplements are cheaper than Veterinary prescription drugs and safe.