Launching Our New Cat Supplements

Natural Cat Supplements

JP's Natural Pet Supplements launches it's own range of Vet approved Natural Cat Supplements. 

Why are more people looking for natural supplements for their cats?

Well, there are many reasons but the main ones are that Veterinary fees are increasing, prescription drugs are getting more expensive and they may have side effects, people are realizing the benefits of holistic health for preventing and helping many diseases for themselves and their cats. Natural cat supplements are generally very safe, and cheaper than prescription pharmaceutical drugs, you do not have to pay your Vet for a consultation fee or to pay for a prescription to buy them online like you do with pharmaceutical drugs. For these reasons as a Holistic Veterinary Surgeon, I decided with my business partner Justine Shone, who is a dog trainer and behaviourist to formulate our own range of holistic supplements for dogs. JP Holistic Nutrition offers a range of veterinary approved natural cat supplements. All of the company’s products are free from artificial products, added chemicals, or preservatives. 

Our natural supplements for cats.

Holistic Feline Joint is designed to support joints, cartilage
and synovial fluid integrity. It combines Glucosamine HCl,
Chondroitin, two natural anti-inflammatories and three

Holistic Feline Joint GLM contains a blend of green lipped mussel, glucosamine, calcium and antioxidants developed to help cats with their joint health.

Holistic Digestive Care is an oral paste which contains prebiotics, probiotics and bentonite clay. Bentonite clay can help calm digestive upset by acting as a binder. Probiotics are important in restoring beneficial flora in the gut while prebiotics provide nourishment for the growth of these bacteria.

Holistic Calm contains a blend of ingredients aimed to relieve stress and anxiety in both cats and dogs. It is available as a sprinkle capsule or a salmon flavoured liquid for maximum compliance.

Holistic Liver has been formulated to combine a unique combination of Milk Thistle, B Vitamins, DL-Methionine and Alpha Lipoic Acid to promote and naturally maintain healthy liver function. It is available in sprinkle capsule or a liver and bacon flavour liquid for maximum compliance.

Holistic Feline Urinary Care is a triple action formula designed to maintain and support the bladder. It contains natural anxiolytic materials aimed at reducing stress related behaviour and anxiety. Glycosaminoglycans to protect the bladder wall and natural anti inflammatories.

Holistic Feline Potassium is a source of potassium gluconate which can be used in hypokalemic cats or for immediate nutritional benefit. Poor kidney function can cause low potassium blood levels. It is available in a liver and bacon flavour liquid for maximum compliance.

Holistic Feline Hairball is a highly palatable, sweet tasting, malt flavoured gel which uses a combination of petroleum jelly and paraffin, creating a dual action lubrication system to help the removal of hairballs.

Holistic Dental Care contains an enzymatic complex designed to inhibit the formation of plaque and ensure that tartar and plaque cannot build up on teeth. The bio adhesive system means no brushing is required.

Holistic Ear Cleaner has been designed to help clear the ear canal and remove excess build up of wax allowing the restoration of the normal microbial flora of the ear canal. It is lavender scented and non staining.

Holistic Neuro Care supports cognitive function in cats and dogs. It combines a range of antioxidants to aid in necessary functions in the brain.

Holistic L-Lysine is a palatable gel which can be used to support respiratory health in cats and kittens. L- Lysine is an amino acid which serves as a building block for protein and plays a key role in many different bodily functions.






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